Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fly Away

Ok, I'll admit that I'm a closet Maki Goto fan after all these years. Generally, Hello! Project groups, especially Morning Musume just doesn't work well with me. There's just too many girls and they're all trying too hard to be cute (although occasionally they succeed a lil with the schoolgirl approach). Then there was this lil startlet who wanted to break away from it all.

After "graduating" from Hello! Project, Maki-chan went down the path of the smexay chick and landed with a sub-label of Avex Trax. Hallejujah!! XD There is a god after all. I can't stop looping her new single "Fly Away". There's just something about a good up beat dance tune accompanied by a classic piano. And the whole mask and covering the eyes thing in the video is so SEXY XD

Ack, I'm ranting already o_0 should save that for my LJ. Here's her video.


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