Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When one knows little abt A/H1N1

I apologize in advance if anybody finds this offensive. But me and my colleague were in a wtflolz moment when we read this, this and this.

It sure makes a pretty interesting premise for a summer blockbuster.
Haha come on ppl. The A/H1N1 virus is transmitted from human to human. There's no reason to over-react like the Egyptian Government who took the opportunity to cull 300,000 pigs NOT as a measure against swine flu but for "general health measures".

I mean, isn't Khanzir lonely enough already?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is that why it's called a Blow Dryer?

If guys read my Twitter, you would've known that I joined The Fitness First gym a couple of weeks back. So what was my first observation in the men's locker room?

Unfortunately for me, I recently encountered something a lil more disgusting than the experience above. So much that thinking of making a comic abt it is already sending shivers down my spine. If y'all are curious abt it, feel free to ask. If u dare XD;;;

Sunday, March 29, 2009


In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is the archangel who served as a messenger of god by delivering His word to the great prophets of old. I always considered him to be an influential icon in the religions of the book because he bares the great responsibility of shaping humanity as we know it.

So I wondered, what would it be like if Grabriel became a renegade?

The ideas just kept pouring in after that. And like any other ideas I had all this while, it became too big XD Would Gabriel side Lucifer? or would he have his own twisted idea of a human utopia? Why is he doing this? Is it because he felt that god's design for man was flawed that it could only lead the the end of days? Or did a mere human being had somehow convinced him that humanity was worth saving? Simply too many ideas.

Well honestly, I dunno if the idea has been done before. It sounds like something outta a Kaori Yuki comic. But I've got something up my sleeve that's different :D Will probably share the idea with friends.

The design above came about when I was watching Hyde's Hello PV again after a couple of years. I just love how the entire PV felt hopeful and morbid at the same time. Originally the design was more simplistic before this but with a few comments here and there, I added a few extra touches with the idea of serialization in mind. I mean, I really would love to add more but doing a weekly with details will be a pain.

So will we see more of my twisted version of God's famous archangel? Time will tell :p

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ayira, Walker Of Both Worlds

So much for constant updates huh?

A couple of nights back, I felt bored with drawing humans all the time. So I took a shot at drawing a cat-like creature, probably a panther or something. Not anatomically correct, of course. More like a caricature. Then I thought, "This is boring, why not slap a shirt on em?" Turned out a lil more interesting than I thought.

Suddenly I felt the urge to draw a chick. For some strange reason, the Scarlet Witch popped in my head. Then, it looked like the two were conversing; so I thought of a dialogue. I googled up an African name (despite the fact panthers are native to South-East Asia and the Americas) and boom! We might just have a lil story here.

Anyways, it's just for fun. Maybe I'll develop it later. Maybe not. Who knows?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BoA - Eien (Eternity)

Fanart of Kwon BoA in her latest PV Eien. And god dang can she dance! XD Eat ur heart out Michael and Justin! U got compettition, Rain! haha She's so slick and smooth in this PV. Heck, I loved her whole new dance even from her last PV "Eat You Up".

I've been a BoA fan for years now and after all this time, she's still going strong. Gotta love her for that XD BoA's set to conquer the west with an American album due in March. After doing a lil reading on wikipedia, I get the impression she'll do decently well compared to Hikki's Exodus. GO BoA! XD

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Valentines was just a couple of days back.
So why not celebrate with one of my favorite OTPs eh?
Slightly older versions of our heroes from Avatar The Last Airbender. Why the hair? As much as I love the pairing, Aang, being a monk, ending up in a relationship with Katara was rather strange o_0 Begone! Baldness!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fly Away

Ok, I'll admit that I'm a closet Maki Goto fan after all these years. Generally, Hello! Project groups, especially Morning Musume just doesn't work well with me. There's just too many girls and they're all trying too hard to be cute (although occasionally they succeed a lil with the schoolgirl approach). Then there was this lil startlet who wanted to break away from it all.

After "graduating" from Hello! Project, Maki-chan went down the path of the smexay chick and landed with a sub-label of Avex Trax. Hallejujah!! XD There is a god after all. I can't stop looping her new single "Fly Away". There's just something about a good up beat dance tune accompanied by a classic piano. And the whole mask and covering the eyes thing in the video is so SEXY XD

Ack, I'm ranting already o_0 should save that for my LJ. Here's her video.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Heart Of Sword

So there was this time, "Heart Of Sword" was playing on my mp3 player and the nostalgia of my Rurouni Kenshin fandom crept in. I can't believe that after all these years, I still have trouble drawing kenshin's hair o_0 Drawing Makoto Shishio on the other hand was a first for me.

Photoshop CS. Could have finished sooner but I was nitpicking =_=

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Egad! Why Blogspot? Whrryy? o_0

Le Gasps~ I'm on Blogger! o_0 To Celebrate this momentous occasion at 3am in the morning *whaddahellimupthislatecreatingablog*. I give u crap.

I'm such a sucker for Black and White extremes.

Ok. Blogger is beginning to annoy me. At the moment, I have no friggin idea how to edit an uploaded image. Heck, I dunno where the image was uploaded to o_0 Then suddenly, poof! Something went screwy with the text editor. That lil drop box that determines your font just dissapeared! I'm gonna need more time to work on this =_=