Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BoA - Eien (Eternity)

Fanart of Kwon BoA in her latest PV Eien. And god dang can she dance! XD Eat ur heart out Michael and Justin! U got compettition, Rain! haha She's so slick and smooth in this PV. Heck, I loved her whole new dance even from her last PV "Eat You Up".

I've been a BoA fan for years now and after all this time, she's still going strong. Gotta love her for that XD BoA's set to conquer the west with an American album due in March. After doing a lil reading on wikipedia, I get the impression she'll do decently well compared to Hikki's Exodus. GO BoA! XD


  1. Happy very belated bday, 21st Feb right?

    Anyways the raccoon found you~! You are tagged! The great raccoon general has you in his scope!!!

    -the ONLY Raccoon General

  2. Crap, how do u reply on blogger? o_0

    Anyways, DUDE! Long time no seeyo. Thanks for the wishes haha I'll add a link to you on my blog here ;)