Sunday, March 29, 2009


In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is the archangel who served as a messenger of god by delivering His word to the great prophets of old. I always considered him to be an influential icon in the religions of the book because he bares the great responsibility of shaping humanity as we know it.

So I wondered, what would it be like if Grabriel became a renegade?

The ideas just kept pouring in after that. And like any other ideas I had all this while, it became too big XD Would Gabriel side Lucifer? or would he have his own twisted idea of a human utopia? Why is he doing this? Is it because he felt that god's design for man was flawed that it could only lead the the end of days? Or did a mere human being had somehow convinced him that humanity was worth saving? Simply too many ideas.

Well honestly, I dunno if the idea has been done before. It sounds like something outta a Kaori Yuki comic. But I've got something up my sleeve that's different :D Will probably share the idea with friends.

The design above came about when I was watching Hyde's Hello PV again after a couple of years. I just love how the entire PV felt hopeful and morbid at the same time. Originally the design was more simplistic before this but with a few comments here and there, I added a few extra touches with the idea of serialization in mind. I mean, I really would love to add more but doing a weekly with details will be a pain.

So will we see more of my twisted version of God's famous archangel? Time will tell :p


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