Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ayira, Walker Of Both Worlds

So much for constant updates huh?

A couple of nights back, I felt bored with drawing humans all the time. So I took a shot at drawing a cat-like creature, probably a panther or something. Not anatomically correct, of course. More like a caricature. Then I thought, "This is boring, why not slap a shirt on em?" Turned out a lil more interesting than I thought.

Suddenly I felt the urge to draw a chick. For some strange reason, the Scarlet Witch popped in my head. Then, it looked like the two were conversing; so I thought of a dialogue. I googled up an African name (despite the fact panthers are native to South-East Asia and the Americas) and boom! We might just have a lil story here.

Anyways, it's just for fun. Maybe I'll develop it later. Maybe not. Who knows?


  1. There's just no way to reply properly on blogger is there? >.<

    Haha thanks. The cats hanging out in the alley that I park my car at had a lot to dowith him :p